Belvedere Ballroom

Belvedere Ballroom2021Presented in partnership with Ten Days on the Island Mature Artists Dance Experience (MADE) pairs professional dancers and choreographers with old time favourites. In Belvedere Ballroom, you can get your feet tapping along to a choreographed show co-presented by Ten Days on the Island and MADE. This world premiere will have professional dancers waltzing and foxtrotting to a soundtrack … Read More

7 Deadly Sins

7 Deadly Sins2020Well Hello Sinners!MADE offered a wicked delight in the production of 7 Deadly Sins with internationally-renowned choreographer Graeme Murphy. Part installation, part performance, our ensemble guided audiences on a journey through the moody evocative sculptures and artwork from Brisbane artist Judith Wright’s Garden of Good and Evil. This was an intimate experience exploring capital, cardinal, deliciously naughty vice.7 … Read More

The Frock

The Frock2017Year: 2017Choreography: Graeme MurphyCreative Associate: Janet VernonDesign: Gerard ManionCostume: Jennifer IrwinLighting: Damien Cooper Sound Design: Christopher Gordon, Christo Curtis And much making from MADE. THE FROCK ROBOT: Body Design: Gerard Manion Robotics: Paul Fenech Voice: Graeme Murphy Production Manager: Gerard Manion Production Co-ordinators: Shirley Gibson, Mary Eckhardt Stage Manager: Kelly Drummond Cawthon Sound/Lighting Operation: Nick Glen Presented: Ten Days … Read More

Abandoned Dances

Abandoned Dances2015 – 16Choreography: Kelly Drummond CawthonMusic Director: Michael FortescueDesign: Jason JamesPresented: Junction Arts Festival, Salamanca Moves, Glenorchy Transport Museum


Episodes2015Choreography: Glen MurrayDramaturge: Annette DownsDesign: Nicole RobsonPresented: Ten Days on the Island, Salamanca Moves, Tasmanian tour