MADE Dance Community Connect 2024

MADE Dance Community Connect

March 25th & 27th 2024

April 15th, 16th & 18th 2024
Burnie / Devonport / Smithton / Ulverstone

After resounding success in 2023 MADE’s Dance Community Connect is back!

In the North West in March and April MADE will deliver a suite of free dance workshops specifically tailored for older adults to enhance their skills and enjoy the art of dance. All ages above 18 years are welcome.

The team from Mature Artist Dance Experience offers dance workshops that are fun, creative and enlivening and this year, we are offering them to community members from Burnie, Devonport, Smithton, Ulverstone, and Forth.

Designed especially for older adults from the general community, these workshops are a precursor to MADE's performances at the Burnie Arts Centre on April 17 and 18.

We are particularly excited because this year our nationally and internationally recognised choreographer Liesel Zink will be leading these workshops!

Liesel works with dancers of all ages and returns to again collaborate with MADE. We are delighted to be commissioning a work from an artist so passionate about using the arts to initiate dialogue between people of different backgrounds, cultures and generations.

Like MADE's nationally certified teachers, Liesel has years of experience in the dance studio and on the stage. She is not only an exceptional teacher but is kind, encouraging and supportive of each dancer to learn more about movement while having fun.

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